LCAAC aims are to encourage greater understanding of the scientific consensus surrounding climate change and on how we can be better equipped not only to understand the dangers but in how to respond.

In collaboration with The Red Hedgehog, the London Centre for Action on Climate Change has been set up to provide a London base for talks and education on climate science, in the ongoing fight against dangerous climate change.

We stand at one of the most critical points in human history, when the future of this and all succeeding generations stands on the precipice of uncompromising change.


The IPCC predicts a global temperature rise of 4 degrees centigrade this century. The World Bank produced a report entitled 'Turn Down The Heat' demonstrating that at this level of heating, ice-sheets collapse, sea levels rise many metres and global food production from agriculture will all but disappear. This is the reality of global warming, which has ensued from the impact of human civilisations on the planet.

All is not completely lost.  We do have choices.  It is our collective responsibility to take the pressure off the natural world from which we draw our food, water and oxygen. History tells us that a species that destroys its environment, will inevitably destroy itself.

How we can make our voices heard, when urging governments around the world to take the necessary action to reduce our impact on the environment, for the sake of those future generations?

LCACC believes we can make the necessary changes to avert a global catastrophe. However, we must act NOW, TOGETHER and FAST.  

We welcome you to our talks!

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